Basic Media – Denmark’s Best Price

Basic Media – Denmark’s Best Price

New website, fast and cheap.

A BasisMedia company website is for you who already have content and logo but who do not want to get into all the technical aspects of a website. We do all the setup of your new website and host it all free for 6 months. After this, it costs only 3 EUR per. month in hosting and is without binding.

Including .dk domain

We buy your domain and pay the first year. If you have a domain, we can use it and you will get our normal domain cost of course.

Free hosting and free support

From the day your new website is launched, there are 6 months free hosting and 3 months free support in the price.

Including all standard graphic elements

You do not have to pay extra for icons and stock photos. We can do that.

No bill until you are satisfied

We will first send an invoice when your website is complete and you are satisfied. This ensures that we only have happy and satisfied customers.

It’s easy to get started

It is neither expensive nor difficult to get your company website up and running. In fact, most of our customers start within a few weeks of contact and if you already control your content, we promise to deliver within 5 business days from receiving material and acceptance of offers.

Call Mikkel

Typically, it is not more than a few minutes to talk about the wishes and needs of your business for a new website, from which you will come from the conversation with a clear description of what the next step is (often you receive an offer the same day).

Send us your content

After accepting the offer and as soon as we receive your content, we can start building your website. Do not worry, you do not have to control all of your content before we get started, we can take it along the way.

Feedback and Approval

Typically, during a week, you will be able to display your new website. This is where you should point out the things you like so were different. Then we will cook until you are satisfied and then we go to the air.

All inclusive

When you trade with us, it’s without hidden fees and bindings. We always deliver a complete solution that suits your business. Therefore, all our solutions are always inclusive of all of the following.

SEO Optimization

Naturally we search engine optimizes the entire solution by the best-in-class principle.

Contact Form

We ensure good contact possibilities for your customers through, among other things, modern forms.

Website statistics

We make sure you can see everything about your visitors to your website through Google Analytics.

Safety package

All websites we host run with security packages that ensure a fast and secure website. With daily backup of course.

Integration with Social Media

We make sure your website is related to your presence on the social media.

Functional Modules

Slider, Portfolios, References, Graphic Modules, and so on. We make sure that your website to have all the functional modules you need.

Get started for only 695 EUR

Fill in the form below or call phone 28 18 98 92 and receive a non-binding offer.