Website Hosting

Hosting that always works

Are you tired of technical trouble, or do you just not have time to spend on hosting your business website? Let us do it all for you.
We offer a hosting agreement that is competitive on both price and quality. We host websites for companies, associations and public institutions.

By hosting with us, you will be free of all technical challenges and you can focus on your business .

We call our hosting unlimited hosting , because we know that your company is not to be limited by such things as bandwidth, number of e-mails and megabytes.

A Hosting Provider that has everything

Our hosting packages always contain the following

Surveillance of uptime

Monitoring of websites uptime with automatic check every 5 minutes. We take action if something goes down.

We handle all the techincal

100% managed hosting. You do not have to worry about anything.

Unlimited disk space

Who likes to count mega and gigabytes? Not us. Never worry about enough space for your website.

Unlimited data traffic

You will not get any extra bill when you have many customers in the store or visitors to your website. Of course!

Unlimited e-mail

It does not cost us anything that you have many different email addresses in your company. Nor should it cost you.

Daily backup

All our websites gets backed up daily to the cloud so your data is always safe.

Automatic CMS updates

We ensure that your CMS system is automatically updated so you always have the optimal security.

No string hosting

You pay 3 months in advance and can always terminate until the end of the period you have paid for. No strings attached here.

Prices on Company Website Hosting

The prices below are for the type of websites we develop. If you have a website hosted elsewhere and wish it moved to us, please contact us, we will give you a great price to get it moved and our customers often find that they are both saving money and hassle by moving to us.

Remember when buying your company website with us, it always includes 6 months free hosting. If you have any questions, feel free to call +45 28 18 98 92.


EUR 3 / month

Settled per quarter at 9 EUR

StandardHosting is for the regular company website. That’s what most people have.


EUR 6 / month

Settled per quarter at 18 EUR.

TotalHosting is for those who have an e-commerce platform (ie a shop).


Tailored solutions

Contact us for a price.

For the special solution with different hardware requirements.

Order Hosting Offers

It requires only a short phone call or e-mail exchanges and then we can get started. Complete the form below or call Mikkel on +45 28 18 98 92